Bulkhead lights offer a practical and economical way of lighting outdoor spaces. The units attached to the bulkhead feature sleek lines and an industrial look that most people find irresistible. When it comes to bulkhead lights, there are multiple designs to choose from. They include;

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The history of this lights traces back to board ships and boats. Initially, they were used to adorn boats and board ships. To date, these lights have stood the test of time and found themselves in different settings on the mainland. For coastal-themed houses or business premises looking for an industrial feel, nothing more achieves that than these lights.

At Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise, we understand and appreciate the high regards people hold on nautical items. That is why we have unique collections of nautical bulkhead lights. The lights have been reclaimed from major decommissioned ships around the world. The lights we have in store come complete with refined wire cages making them ideal for modern and contemporary homes.

Weather proof bulkhead lights for outdoor needs

Naturally, these lights are designed to fit perfectly against a vertical surface. In the past, people have taken advantage of them to illuminate narrow corridors. The ambient light they provide can guide you through dark areas and provide the necessary sense of security. We have a robust collection of bulkhead lights at our warehouse. All the bulkhead lighting pictures we have at our site are of real fixtures available at our warehouse.

Nautical bulkhead lights has been designed specially to withstand the harsh weather that is popular with seas. These heavy-duty lighting solutions are often cages and designed to stay put under harsh weather conditions. When you buy these lights, you are investing in fixtures that will be available and functional several years from now. These are the type of lights you want to buy for areas in your home where other lights can easily get damaged.

Affordable lighting option

Many homeowners admit that finding authentic, strong, and attractive outdoor lighting fixtures can be an expensive venture. Bulkhead lights provide a more affordable solution. For areas featuring limited space, these lighting fixtures serve as a wonderful option since they do not protrude like most outdoor lighting solutions.

Simplistic design, perfect lighting

Sometimes, all you need is a bright illumination capacity without considering much about attraction. This does not mean marine bulkhead lights cannot be attractive. We have a huge collection of wonderful bulkhead lights suitable for personal home use and industrial premises. However, the understated design of these lights is what makes them irresistible. They can be applied in various settings where they will fit perfectly while providing strong illumination.

Our collection of nautical bulkhead lights comes from huge ships across the world. Each of the fixtures we sell to our customers has been selected specially, reconfigured, and proven fit for personal use. These lights are perfect fits for playrooms, common areas, poolside, and porches. You can also use them when you want to give your garden area a unique, glowing appeal.

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