Onboard a ship, the lifeboats & ring buoys is one of those critical life-saving equipment. They come in handy in extreme emergencies. This small, rigid vessel is secured in davits in such a way that it is easy to launch them using the minimal time possible to facilitate quick escape in case a ship capsizes. Used appropriately, lifeboats can facilitate the early escape of the crew onboard.

Inside a lifeboat, there must be all the necessary equipment documented in the Life Saving Application and SOLAS codes. From first aid, rations, and a compass to distress signaling devices, the lifeboat must be fully equipped at all times. If a ship has more than one lifeboat, it can designate one as a rescue boat.

Type of Lifeboats

At Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise, our work involves collecting various maritime items from salvaged ships. Some of the items we come across are lifeboats. Incidentally, there are three common types of lifeboats.

Open lifeboat

As you can guess from the name, open lifeboats do not feature any roof. Their movement is based on handle-propelled ores. In some cases, they feature compression ignition engines to streamline propulsion. These lifeboats were the most common ones in the old ships. Actually, most of our collections from salvage ships are open lifeboats.

Closed lifeboats

Apparently, they are the most common ones in modern ships. Their closed nature ensures the crew is safe from the adverse effects of strong winds, seawater, and rough weather. This boast also features higher water-tight integrity, making it possible for it to turn upright on its own in case the rough waves topple it down.

Freefall lifeboats

In terms of structure, they are similar to enclosed lifeboats. The only difference comes in the launching aspect. Their aerodynamic nature allows them to penetrate water when launched from the ship without any damage being evident.

Other emergency equipment

Also used in the case of an emergency is a ring buoy. Different people have varying names for this equipment with others referring to it as lifebuoy, lifering, lifebelt, or life donut. In case of an emergency and someone finds himself out of the ship into the rough waters, the ring buoys can be thrown to him or her to ensure buoyancy, subsequently preventing them from drowning. The modern lifebuoys are fitted with seawater-activated lights which can come in handy in night rescue missions.

Find affordable rescue equipment

From the salvaged ships, parts of the items we reclaim are lifebuoys and lifeboats. Traditional lifeboats and lifebuoys were designed to last a lifetime. Investing in them is worth it all the way. While you can buy such emergency equipment for use in your personal maritime vessel, you can also invest in them as part of your home décor. If you spent the better part of your life sailing a sea vessel, a piece of the ship like a lifebuoy can bring all the great memories. We have several ring buoys in stock. You can take a tour of our site, make your selection and get in touch with us for shipping. You will receive your purchase in less than seven days; trust us on that!

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