Ships lights are important navigational tools as far as sea boats and ships ate concerned; it is a fact we cannot run away from. There are various types of ship lights depending on their uses, sizes, and level of illumination. Another classification that is also used in categorizing ship lights is the material used in making them. To ensure these nautical items last long enough, the lights are often given a fine finish of heavy metals such as copper and brass. Lately, we have also witnessed the rise in the popularity of aluminum brass ship lights.

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Designed to last

Brass, as a metal, is chosen because of its durability. In the seas, sailors and water vessels face harsh weather conditions. At one point, it can be a heavy, rough storm. In other circumstances, maritime vehicles and their drivers have to deal with the glaring rays of the striking sun. Only the best nautical lights, built with quality materials can withstand such conditions. Brass ship’s lights are weatherproof, making them a top preference.

Salvage brass ship lights are ideal for outdoor use. When used in the garden or verandahs, they are able to withstand gusty wind, occasional drizzles, and sudden storms. For instance, you can use brass bulkhead lights for your garden or poolside. If you need a lighting fixture that blends simplicity and efficiency, Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise brass ship lights have you covered.

Brass lights for your home

In the recent past, many brass ship lights have found themselves new homes outside the sea. People now prefer to use nautical brass lights for their coastal homes. These lights are also perfect for commercial settings that want to maintain an authentic marine look. At Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise, we sell brass ship lights to various customers. The lights are suitable for;

  • Kitchen decorations
  • Living room decorations
  • General home decorations
  • Industrial lighting needs
  • Hotel and restaurant decors

The extensive range of classic brass ships lights we have in stock ensures everyone has something worth his taste. You can always browse and choose from the long list of lights available. Remember, we also have antique brass lantern nautical lantern lights that are more than a century old. Besides providing wonderful lighting needs, they also hold high vintage value.

Repurposed lights for nautical rooms

The natural oxidized patina of nautical antiques is something you cannot replace. This look results from several years of exposure to harsh saltwater and other environmental elements. The primary maritime brass lights that our team seeks for repurposing are aged navigational lights that have stood the test of time. The fact that they are several years old does not mean their appearance will be compromised. Normally, our team works to remove the old paints surrounding the lights, thereby exposing the original brass content. Depending on the needs of our clients, we can repaint and re-engineer the lights to suit your needs. Whether in need of brass bulkhead lights, brass ship deck lights, or brass cabin lanterns, we have all your needs covered at our store. Simply check, make a selection, and place an order. We will handle the rest.

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