Nautical lanterns have a long history. They are as old as the maiden ships. Just the same way lighthouses have guided fishermen safely to the shore several times, nautical lanterns have played their role in helping sailors survive through dark, unpredictable nights at the sea. For salvaged ships, these important lighting fixtures can be recovered, reengineered then used as attractive nautical decors at home.

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What nautical lanterns present is an opportunity to celebrate your love for the sea. With our collections of marine-inspired lanterns, you can be sure to bring alive your love for maritime vehicles right inside your home. Here at Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise, we stock an extensive range of nautical collectibles. Our collections of nautical lanterns come in different designs. They include;

  • Touch lanterns
  • Port Nautical Lanterns
  • Starboard Nautical Oil lanterns

Each of our lanterns has been salvaged from ships, cleaned, and repurposed specifically for use in homes. Their uniqueness and style speak volumes about their origin. If you want to add warmth and ambiance to your home, nothing can stop you if you have authentic nautical lanterns. Our lanterns come at affordable prices to ensure you are able to shop for what you love confidently without looking over your shoulders, at least not financially.

A gift for your loved one

For ages, starboard lantern lights have been used to determine the direction in which a ship is traveling at night. For ships traveling towards each other, they must pass from the starboard side to the starboard side. When these lights are reclaimed from old ships and refined, they can be used as important elements for outdoor lighting. Not everyone might appreciate nautical décor, but you definitely know one or two people who will do everything to lay their hands on beautiful nautical lanterns. You can do them a favor by selecting from our huge collections their favorite lantern designs. We also have modern reproductions of traditional port lights, just in case you want something shinier and more glamorous.

Beautify your porch with antique lanterns

A perfect outdoor lighting system is a special way to showcase the uniqueness and beauty of your home. Having been in the marine salvage outdoor lighting industry for more than six years, we understand the need for an exceptional lighting system in such a setup. That is why we have stock antique nautical lanterns. A single nautical lamp placed strategically on your porch can be a conversational piece.

Our marine-crafted lighting solutions are designed to last a lifetime. These lighting fixtures have shown years of resilience in stormy seas. Our nautical lantern options are perfect for coastal homes, nautical-themed resorts, and sea restaurants. On special occasions, you can use these lanterns as bed lamps, displaying unique rays in nautical rooms. The durable yet stylish nautical lamps that we stock come at affordable prices. We work with various budgets. From our pages, you can find beautiful authentic ship lanterns that perfectly suit your needs. Be sure to make a prompt order when you find one.

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