Giving your coastal home an antique maritime appeal is a wonderful idea; one you will definitely love and appreciate. Using various nautical items, you can make your home space different and admirable in every aspect. Before setting out in search of nautical items, or ship portholes, it is important that you know and understands some of the most common pieces you are likely to find. When you are out shopping or taking a casual tour of Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise, one of the most likely items you will come across is an antique porthole.

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Understanding antique portholes

For those who aren’t so much familiar with marine life, you are probably guessing the look and possible features. Well, we will save you the trouble. A ship porthole is simply a circular window used in the hull of the ship to allow for the passage of light and air. If you are in the marine salvage market looking for maritime antiques, you might also hear it being referred to as scuttle. This functional feature allows cool air and light to pass through the cold and dark regions below the deck.

Sea travelers also used brass portholes to have a scenic view of the sea. Regardless of how brief it was, it always served its purpose. On closing the porthole, it provided a weather-tight barrier, keeping off water from the storm.

The structure of antique portholes

Conventionally, a porthole comprises a round glass disk, carefully placed inside a metal frame. This is bolted securely to enable easy fit on the side of the ship’s hull. If you take a closer look at some of the antique portals we have in stock, you are likely to notice storm cover in some of them. This feature was designed to protect the ship occupants from heavy waters and rough seas. Remember, others refer to the storm cover as a deadlight so you should not appear so surprised just in case. Yet again, note that certain brass portholes have come with an iron latch.

Many people who are out looking for collectible antiques agree that ship portholes are some of the items one can easily come by. Depending on the materials used to make them, these items can be sturdy and last several years. Most portholes salvaged from ships are made from strong materials such as iron, steel aluminum, and of course brass.

Porthole décor for your home

The collector of marine salvage antiques admits that portholes have various uses. One way of taking advantage of them is by fastening them to the walls. This provides an exceptional sense of nautical appeal. The other possibility is adding a piece of glass to the porthole to make it resemble mirrors. Others who enjoy gathering maritime collectibles have their own ways of using this precious piece.

Whichever way you choose to get creative with these collectibles, be sure that what you are buying are authentic, high-quality portholes. Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise has a wide collection of maritime antiques, including maritime portholes. All you have to do is tour the site and make an order. The rest will be handled.

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