Commonly known as deck prism, ship deck lights are fixtures inserted into the deck of a ship to offer light below decks. For many years, sailing ships took advantage of these fixtures as a source of natural light for illuminating the area below the decks. When in use, the prism hangs just below the overhead while dispersing the light sideways. Initially, the glass used for making ship deck lights was made colorless by adding manganese oxide. For sailing ships, the importance of ship deck lights cannot be overemphasized.

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When the economic life of a ship is over and different parts of the ship are dismembered, the ship deck lights can be recovered and reclaimed for personal use. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can use these lights in various nautical rooms.

Beautiful display for your living room

Ship deck lights are unique in nature. Their prism design speaks for itself. When used in the living room as part of interior home décor, these lights a unique sense of beauty to your living space. For those who have spent a great part of their lives traveling on seas or working in ships, there is a great sense of connection that comes with bringing this light to your living space. Our Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise experts understand how lovely these lights are. That is why we go for quality ship deck lights in good condition and reconfigure them, making them more suitable for personal use.

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Although the design of ship deck lights might appear the same, the fittings and finishing often differ from one fixture to the other. Most antique deck lights available are huge and are either made of copper or brass. The such lighting fixture can weigh up to 25kgs or more. Here, we have an extensive collection of deck lights with variations in size and materials. If you need a lighting fixture that is more recent for your contemporary home, you can settle on aluminum ship deck lights. They feature modern designs which can blend with other nautical items in your room. From our site, you can view various collections and make your orders. As soon as you make your order and process the payments, our reliable team will go ahead with the shipping procedures.

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When you visit local light stores that are not marine salvage shops, you will find fixtures that look like ship deck lights. While the design might look similar, such items cannot match the class and durability of authentic ship deck lights. It is not wise spending your money on something that will bring regrets months later. At Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise, we go for specially selected lights. Each one of them has been polished, re-engineered, and termed fit for personal use. As such, you can use them to beautify your nautical room or restaurant. From our extensive collection of various ship deck lights, you can come and choose the best fixtures that meet your needs.

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