Passageway lights are essential navigational tools. They are used to show passage for vessels entering a dangerous and shallow panel. At night, the lights form a leading line which can then be used for safe navigation. Notably, passageway lights come in various designs, sizes, and materials. Despite the differences, all the lights feature a distinctive 90-degree bend. This ensures their protruding effect is as minimal as possible when the maritime vehicles are passing through narrow passageways.

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Passageway Lights – Perfect fixtures for smaller rooms and corridors

The very nature of these lights makes them suitable for lighting dark corridors and small rooms. A long line of passageway lights along a hallway provides a captivating appeal. In the past, we have supplied these lights to several restaurants and bars because of the perfect fit.

In the past few years, it has proven increasingly difficult to find salvage passageway fixtures. However, we have managed to track down a score of authentic passageway lights. At our warehouse, we have the popular aluminum caged Lemar lights which are perfect for coastal-themed homes. You can also check our site for brass Japanese passageway lights.

Passageway Lights – Original fixtures at affordable prices

If you visit the local departmental stores, you are likely to come across near-exact replicas of these lights. Although the designs might appear similar, it is not possible to reproduce the same quality of vintage passageway lights. The strength, tenacity, and natural sense of beauty presented by these lights are unrivaled.

At Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise, we sell exceptional nautical fixtures, known for their quality. The caged passageway lights currently in stock have been reclaimed from old ships and harbors. They have been designed to serve for ages. As such, you can always depend on them to satisfy your lighting needs. Some of the fixtures we stock have been tested through centuries and proven their resilience. Investing in such nautical items is a worthy idea, therefore.

Add uniqueness to interior space by fixing passageway lights

As hinted earlier, passageways lights are perfect for small rooms and corridors. Their design adds a sense of uniqueness to common interior space. You can spice up the interior look of your office corridors or nautical rooms by bringing in these lights. In the process of reclaiming such fixtures and repurposing them for home use, our team makes the easily operable with the normal home electricity system. You can actually buy a 150-year-old vintage lighting fixture and use it for your home needs. Although there are multiple aluminum passageway lights in the market, you can also find rare brass copper fixtures. The trick lies in regular checking of our website pages to spot any new additions.

Notably, there are various designs of authentic passageway lights available at our stores. Before making a purchase, it is advisable to take a tour of the various fixtures available. While doing so, have your lighting considerations in mind. As soon as you make an order and facilitate the payment, Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise team will ensure the safe delivery of the products to your place.


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