Collecting maritime items is more like a hobby. While some purchase items such as nautical lights for use in homes, others just want to have pieces of ships in their homes to serve as interior decors. While searching for marine collectibles, you are likely to come across bollards and ship pulleys. It is important to understand their roles, what they entail and how best to go about buying them before spending your cash.

What are pulleys?

The simplest definition of a pulley is a wheel on an axle, normally designed to support movements and changes of direction. A pulley might also be referred to as a drum or sheave. In the context of a ship, pulleys are often called blocks. Rope and pulley systems have been used in the lifting of goods to and from ships for a long time. The present pulley systems used in modern ships might appear more complicated and different from what was used in the past centuries.

The old maiden ships featured simple block and tackle systems. The use of a single rope around multiple pulleys enabled the loading and offloading of cargo on a ship. Pulleys on a ship, together with the ropes can be reclaimed and used for other purposes.

Marine bollards

Bollards, on the other hand, are shorts posts used in creating architectural parameters. Normally, they are installed to offer visual guidance and mark boundaries where necessary. The history of bollards traces back to the 17th century when the term was used to describe a post used for attaching a maritime vehicle’s mooring line. Although the name is just two centuries old, the equipment itself has been in use for over two thousand years.

Although most of the bollards currently manufactured are for traffic and safety applications, marine bollards are still being used. Bollards are designed to reflect the environment in which they are meant to operate in. Marine bollards have a natural, nautical appeal. From our collections of maritime items, we have so many bollards you can choose from.

Assertive decors and functional components

Most people who invest in nautical collectibles do so for various reasons. While some reclaimed parts of ships are re-engineered for reuse, others are simply refined because of their artistic value. In the case of ship pulleys, you can buy them for personal or industrial. Finely refined ship pulleys can still be of industrial use, if in good condition. Similarly, marine bollards can be used for demarcations in coastal homes and nautical-themed restaurants. Their artistic appeal and quality add to the multiple reasons one should consider buying them.

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