Marine Salvage and Antiques ENT. Cares about the customers and their privacy. Thus, we have a clear privacy policy that dictates the terms of using and protecting any sort of personal information provided by the client while using this website. We ensure the protection of your privacy and assure you that no information regarding our customers will be conveyed to anybody.

Thus, you can have complete peace of mind while inserting your information on this website. Our privacy statement may be changed after some time and all our customers will be conveyed about the changes. Let us know whether you are happy or disappointed with the changes made.

Requested Information

We request the following particulars from our customers

  • Name
  • Contact details include the phone number, email address or physical address.
  • Demographic data like interest, preferences, and postcode.
  • Information regarding other offers and customer surveys.
  • The cookies that we collect are mentioned below.

Usage of Your Information

The information that we collect from you is only needed in order to improve our customer service and know where we are lacking and what areas we need to improve. Following are the reasons in particular for which we gather this information:

Keeping an Internal Record

We keep an internal record to make our services and products better. In this regard, we send some promotional emails and inform our customers about updated terms of service or products and also tell them about any new offer launched. We may contact the customers via phone, fax, or email and listen to them about how we are doing and what we need to improve. We will also request valuable advice or suggestions on customizing our website according to the customers’ interests.


Don’t worry about the safety of your data because we are here to make sure your information doesn’t go into the wrong hands. We have incorporated several managerial, physical, and electronic procedures to ensure that the information we collect online is safeguarded and secured.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files that seek your permission to get placed on the hard drive. If you agree to add the cookie, it will help you in analyzing the web traffic. Through these cookies, the web application tends to remember your interests, dislikes, likes, and requirements. It tailors its information according to your preferences.

We use the cookies that analyze web traffic to know about the pages that you use. In this way, we can know about the interests of the customer and customize our website according to those interests. After the statistical analysis is complete, the data gathered is removed from our system.

Thus, overall, the cookies will help us in providing customers with a better website and direct the customers toward the web pages of their interest. The cookies, in no way, allow us to interfere with your computer and access the data in it. We only access the data that you share with us. It is up to you whether you accept or reject the cookies.

At any time, you can contact us and remove all the data related to you from our system entirely.