Marine Salvage & Antiques Enterprise always provides high-quality services for all clients. We directly collect our business products like ship salvage items from old ships. Some of the items we collect are good to sell while some still need some repairing and reconditioning from us. That is how it is in the business of antiques. We make sure that we repair and polish all products for our clients.

The success of our business greatly relies on our customer’s satisfaction. That is why we make sure that all of the products and services we provide are of the highest quality. We work according to our client’s wishes and we work fast.

Oftentimes, the products we collect are painted so we take the time to remove the old painting. Other times we polish the product body, all the while making sure to follow our client’s requirements. We always follow up with our clients to make sure that we are able to provide them with the exact specifications they want in our products.

We make sure we complete product fitting and setting smoothly. We always provide workable completed goods to our clients from Bangladesh. Some of the items we collect from shipwrecks have missing parts such as metal parts, metal connectors, metal bolts, metal nuts, copper axles, metal fittings, metal pins, shaped screws, and metal plugs. Lots of small parts like these usually go missing from salvaged antiques and other marine items, which is why we make sure to complete the products by providing these missing pieces. The goods we provide for our clients are always completed goods.

We provide two types of polish for our polished products: natural polish and high-quality polish.

For natural polish, the process involves opening all parts of the salvage product and removing any old paint from the item’s product body. We then provide the natural finish for shining. This gives emphasis to the product metal’s details.

For high-quality product polishes, the process is similar except that we use a shining metal hill after providing a finish on the product. We remove the old pain from the product body then we naturally finish on the product body. After this, we use just a shining metal hill for a mirror-like shine effect. This provides a better shine and most of our clients prefer this kind of polish.

The antiques we sell are very valuable. Some of these items are fragile and need to be secured properly to ensure that it gets to your location in one piece. Since we are shipping to countries from all over the world, we make sure to provide safe packaging for our items. Your orders will arrive at your doorstep in a secure wooden box. We make our product pack, Polybag, with hard paper or cartons with wood. We provide small pack sizes for safety and for easy handling.

We value our clients’ times, which is why we always honor our client’s shipment dates. We pack and ship our clients’ orders as soon as they are ready. Time is of the essence and we do not tolerate any delays in our services.